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There is no big deal to sacrifice south korea
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There is no big deal to sacrifice southkorea Kor

 There is no concession to

 reverse the


Trump is a good strategy.


The only way to do bad business with North Korea is to move the US
from danger. "  'Trump is going to make sure there is no one to
overcome himself in receiving the spotlight.'

The Wall Street Journal is an editorial that appeared before the
first US North Korea summit meeting on June 9th, Trump-Kim Jong-
This editorial is anti-trumpet.
n the next seven months, from February 27 to 28, two days ahead of the second round of US - North Korea talks, there is a surge of peculation about the rumors in Korea.

Trump is suspected of giving Kim Jung-eun "security guarantees" in a way to get North Korea's CVID, a complete, verifiable and irreversible nuclear dismantlement, and to get rid of North Korea's ICBM
(intercontinental ballistic missile)
I will declare it before the end and try to withdraw the USFK.
Reporters who are suspicious of South Koreans, especially
politicians, argue that this is what makes South Koreans a nuclear

It is said that President Kim is likely to have a chance to meet with Kim Jong - un to achieve the goal of denuclearization and to pay the price if there is no denuclearization measures, but Trump is a wise

In the United States, the denuclearization of North Korea is not a panacea.

We will never neglect North Korean ballistic missiles that reach the US mainland.

There is no concession from Trump about the Korean conservative camp.

Only the Republic of Korea and its supporters built in 1948 will not make it like the Nakdong River Oryas.

If Kim Jong Eun does not realize the denuclearization, he will not guarantee the system.

"There will be no unfavorable concessions to the United States and South Korea that will reverse the denuclearization".

Richard Ahn is a diagnosis of President Trump Presidential Adviser,

Yankeetimes 2/7/19

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