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Trump's Taste of Impeachment Offensive
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Ukrainian lobby suspicion

Build a rich testimony with

 Joe Biden character

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by Richard Ahn /Columnist

The House of Commons hearings over the Ukrainian scandal against
President Donald Trump is on the verge of defending with storm tweets.

President Trump repeatedly called for Joe Biden to adopt the
testimony of the House of Representatives, taking out additional
public cards that he spoke with the Ukrainian president.

The Democratic Party has continued its witch-hunting to "dress it all
up politically," he vowed to build a rich man in the House
Congressional Testimony.

  In an article posted on Twitter 12 days prior to a public hearing,
he announced that he would release his first call transcript with
Ukrainian President Volodymir Zelenski in April ahead of the week's
July 25 U.S.-Ukraine call. I repeatedly said.

  It seems to be a paving stone to change the tax situation by shaking
the board through the additional call record card and highlighting
that there was no unfair external pressure.

"That's why there's so much focus on the second and third
witnesses," Trump said. "Many of them are not Trump advocates, nor are
lawyers unfair."

  "You are reading and listening to phone calls (records) with the
President of Ukraine," he said.

  "I have no obligation to investigate Joe Biden," he said. "I am
obliged to investigate corruption issues and Biden's dismissal of

  Former Vice President Hunter Biden of Biden explained: "Without
knowledge and talent, we have saved millions of dollars from Ukrainian
energy companies and millions of dollars in China.

 And reports that other companies and countries have given him big
money obviously seem very corrupt (in a modest way), "and Biden said,"
Make sure all the rich testify to this unlawful procedural fraud. "
The government urged the adoption of witnesses by public hearings.

  The open hearing was sold as a 'procedural fraud', but the argument
continued that Biden's father had to stand on the testimony.

  President Trump also boasted that the economy was booming and
"offensive impeachment fraud by a Democratic party doing nothing!"

 Trump made a massive counterattack against the Democrats by posting
more than 10 "storm tweets" shortly after the testimony of Vice Deputy
Assistant Secretary of Defense Laura Cooper, which was against him the
day before, was released.

  "Where are the whistle-blowers who gave so much false information?
They should be witnesses along with Congressman Adam Seef," he said.
"Read the transcript, it's perfect!"

  "Siff doesn't present any witnesses, lawyers, or proper procedures
to the Republicans," he said. "This is a one-sided witch hunt," and
"Siff and Democrats have made it all." did.

  President Trump also said, "The president must provide assistance to
Ukraine by September 30, which he did on September 11, three weeks
before the deadline.

As a result, the United States provided aid to allies, and Biden was
not investigated.

They were aided, and we remember that we didn't get anything in
return. ”“ Democrats want it to be impeached?  Good luck, "quotes a
Fox News host.

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