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Pastor John MacArthur conducts worship service
최고관리자 20-09-16 03:21

Court Temporary Disposition

 Order Frontal


Judge tramples on 1st

Amendment Religious


The Los Angeles Daily News reported that senior pastor John MacArthur
(pictured) of Grace Community Church in the United States enforced a
worship service on the 13th against the court's order to stop indoor
worship services  .

Pastor McArthur declared that the prohibition of church worship on the
grounds of the coronavirus would politically limit religious freedom
of the 1st Amendment, and that church worship would be enforced
regardless of whether they died or lived.

Pastor John MacArthur preached that'the court's ruling does not
conform to the constitution, but above all, it is against the will of
the Lord.'"

Pastor MacArthur insisted that the conditions of the authorities'
orders, such as social distancing, in the sermons are virtually the
same as to shut down the church.

"The court ordered provisional injunction without applying any
investigation or analysis required by the law," said lawyer Charles
Rimandry of the church. .

The court on the 10th said, "The Health Department is not prohibiting
worship, but suggesting that it should be done in a suitable place
rather than indoors. The potential consequences of the risk of the
spread of Corona 19 on community members are that It surpasses the

Prior to this, the Los Angeles County Superior Court (presiding judge
Mitchell Becklov) ruled on the 10th to suspend indoor worship at Grace
Community Church in Sun Valley.

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