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US Department of State ,Do not start construction of North and south RailWay
최고관리자 18-10-18 04:26
US ambassador to the United States

After reviewing the disarmament of North Korea after the denuclearization,  President Trump said that Kim Jong Eun should end the denuclearization of North Korea if Kim Jong Eun finishes the denuclearization. Moon Jae-in tries to shake his nerve and emphasizes that the US State Department is very dissatisfied with the campaign to alleviate sanctions on North Korea. South Korea's Moon Jae-in and his followers, Democrat Song Young-gil, left-wing pro-North Korean people are criticizing President Trump that does not solve sanctions on North Korea. The United Nations has been struggling to get rid of the denuclearization of the United States, such as France. The US-ROK relationship is extremely deteriorating.

US Ambassador to South Korea Harry Harris (pictured) said on July 17, "Inter-Korean relations and dialogue should be linked to the denuclearization of North Korea and the voices of Korea and the United States should coincide." Kim Jong-un, .

Ambassador Harris said in a keynote speech at the expert conference held in Seoul in the morning, co-hosted by the Asan Institute for Policy Studies and the Woodrow Wilson Center in the United States, "I know that Moon Jae-in and the Korean government prioritize improving inter-Korean relations." .

"Everything is a constant force of alliance," he said, referring to the inter-Korean-North American agreement. "If South Korea and the United States continue to approach the North Korean issue with a common voice, it will change the promise made in Pyongyang, Panmunjom and Singapore to reality. I believe we can, "he repeatedly emphasized the need for a" common voice. "

He also said, "President Donald Trump emphasized that the United States attaches importance to the alliance with Korea and that the two governments should cooperate and make a fair deal." He said, "It is important that the negotiations be completed in a timely manner, and that the end of the negotiations should be in accordance with the national interests of the two countries, and that the alliance should work toward the denuclearization of North Korea

The US State Department also banned President Moon Jae-in for referring to the need to ease UN sanctions on the UN trip.

A State Department official said Monday that President Moon urged the media to comment on the alleged sanctions on North Korea at the time of talks with President George W. Bush. "It has come to this moment that the international community is fully committed to UN Security Council resolutions. "This is necessary for the successful outcome of this process," stressing the need to maintain North Korea sanctions.

"President Trump is very clear that the sanctions will be implemented after the denuclearization," he said. "The United States wants a fully proven denuclearization."


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