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Trump impeachment Democrats 87% YES Republican 77% No
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Reveal doubts about Biden's

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Trump, "the Democrats trash

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 Former Vice President Joe Biden directs investigation to former
President Petro Poroshenko after a Ukrainian local energy company
whose son was moving to the prosecution's investigation in early 2016,
threatening to hold a US $ 1 billion loan guarantee. Suspected
pressure on the dismissal of former Attorney General Victor Shokin.

The reason for the impeachment that Democrats have raised is that
President Donald Trump pressured the Ukrainian government to
investigate this issue.

n response to the impeachment investigation against Trump, Democrats
supported 87 percent of the votes, while Republicans supported 77

In the question that President Trump deserved impeachment for
Ukrainian suspicion, 75 percent of Democrats supported it, while 70
percent of Republicans did not.

According to a survey conducted by the US CBS on 2059 Americans
during the two days of 26 and 27, 55% of respondents agreed to the
impeachment investigation against Trump.

On the other hand, 45% said they disapproved.

Only 42% of the respondents said that Trump deserved impeachment for
Ukrainian suspicions, and 36% said it was not a case.

 Another 22 percent responded cautiously that it was too early to answer.
  As Trump's impeachment is divided over President Trump's
impeachment, there is a high possibility that the Democrats, who push
for impeachment, and Republicans, who are more focused on the
corruption of former Vice President, will fight fierce camps.

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