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Trump Schritch Now Stop
최고관리자 19-01-04 17:38

Braking application by pushing down

Nutritionist Trump 's impeachment proposal was brought up in the
Democratic Party that took control of the House of Representatives,
and was hit by a criticism that it was an offensive to demolish Trump
ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

  As soon as the House of Representatives from the California state
came to power, he began a political offensive against President Trump.

Even if the House passes the impeachment proposal, if the Republican
party, which is in control of the Senate, blocks it, it will be a
political norton.

The investigation of the Russian scandal has not yet been concluded,
and the results of the investigation so far have failed to show any
signs of President Trump.

The aides were investigated for personal corruption and some were
found guilty, but not related to Trump.

In this situation, the Democratic Party mobilized the media to
scratch the trump, and the results were not good.

Trump is accusing the Democratic Party of trying to trump up the 2020
presidential campaign.

Image result for Brad Sherman

California's Brad Sherman (64, pictured) has proposed the impeachment
of President Donald Trump on the first day of the House of
Representatives in 2019

It has been said that the dismissal of former FBI Director James Komy
was a jurisdictional obstruction, reiterating the ongoing impeachment
proposal since 2017.

"There is no reason why Congress can not handle it," he said. "It is
the president himself proving that Trump is helping the country to
step down from the presidency."

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she would not pursue impeachment for
political reasons, but she would not be able to avoid it for political
reasons, leaving room for impeachment as a political offensive weapon.

"I do not think the Justice Department's opinion that the incumbent
president can not be prosecuted for the spies is decisive," he told

 It is pointed out that the ruling party has revealed the fact that
the Russian scandal will continue to grow and sag.

The Democratic Party has a different opinion on impeachment, but
Sherman said, "It is important that all members of the House of
Representatives with different opinions discuss and discuss it."

Sherman is a politician based in the Northridge region, where Koreans reside.

  At a sponsorship event in LA Korean Town last October, he made an
uncomfortable remarks saying that "North Korea must accept a nuclear
weapon to protect its own country from the United States and a deal to
lift sanctions against North Korea should be made".



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