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Trump X files are 100% manipulated
최고관리자 19-01-19 05:23

Hillary Clinton was behind

The FBI is also suspected


of hiding behind the court

 Justice Number 4 Bruce O Revealed

 Congressional testimony revealed

  ' File: 1280px-Hillary_Clinton_official_Secretary_of_State_portrait.jpg

 Bruce O (right) and his wife, Nelio, ranked fourth in the Justice Department.

 Photo = Bruce (right) and wife

 WASHINGTON (Reuters) - US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, 56,
has been found guilty of a nuclear bombing in Congress as a key
witness to the Russian scandal,

  Bruce comes to the rear of the 'Trump X File' as Democratic Hillary
Clinton Camp.

  That's why the Trump X file was a hard-to-believe document that
warned both the Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of
Investigation (FBI), Congressional media The Hill said Tuesday.

  Bruce O'Reilly Trump Campaign, which led to the 'Number 4' of the
Justice Department - Christopher Steele, former Trump X file writer,
the starting point of the Russian internal scandal, contacted former
MI6 agent.

  The X file contains an embarrassment that Trump has been perverted
at a Moscow hotel in Russia in 2013, when he was a businessman, and
that Russian President Vladimir Putin has a video about it.

  Steel said that after receiving this information from Russia, he
wrote X files.

  The X-files appeared to have been all fabricated as Bruce's concern.

  The FBI has repeatedly asked the Foreign Superior Court for
permission to tap the Trump campaign, but when it was denied, Stein
got an X file and received a wiretap warrant.

  The problem is that the FBI has scratched the fact that there is a
Hillary camp in the eavesdropping application, saying "Steel is a
reliable reporter" behind the X file.

  If the lawyer knew that Kim Si-jae was behind Hillary Clinton's X
file, she would not have given her a warrant for a wiretapping permit.
  I am collecting my mouth.

  The Hill said Bruce had a little notebook and testimony to Congress
when the Justice Department / FBI was willing to tap Carter Page
volunteer at Trump Camp in October 2016 and told the Judge in charge
of the Foreign Supervisory Court (FISC) Hillary and DNC have been
deliberately hiding the fact that the allegations are true.

  Bruce said he reported to the Justice Department and the FBI that he
needed documents to be verified because Hillary is behind the X file
in his July and August parliamentary statements last year.

  He also reported that Steele, who wrote the X-file, reported that
Trump is a very disgusting figure, saying that he should "block any
number of times Trump is elected."

  "We reported that Hillary campaigns were involved in the X file
project, and Fusion GPS, a security company hired by Hillary, reported
that it needed to hire Steel to make a file to make sure it was

  He also reported to the Justice Department / FBI that his wife,
Nelio, worked with Steel on Fusion GPS.

  As a result, the FBI intercepted the Trump Camp on the basis of an
operation document called an X file.

  According to officials, the tapping that began in October continued
for a while after Trump was elected president.

  Greg Jarrett, a lawyer at Fox News, said that "scandals beyond
Watergate", and "some of them will be out of prison."


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