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Trump and Russian scandal scammed by Obama government
최고관리자 20-05-18 03:35
Forcing Michael Pauline to lie


FBI agents are going to jail.

Trump "Restrictions on entering Korea, now is not the time"… "People from China are prohibited from entering ...

Fox News Sunday Morning Futures interview revealed  

President Donald Trump accused the investigation of the "Russian Scandal" aimed at him as "the biggest political crime" in American history, and was a "fraud" of the former administration of Barack Obama.

In an interview for Fox News' Sunday Morning Futures, aired on the 17th, President Trump spoke to Michael Flynn, former White House National Security Advisor who was accused of misrepresentation during the 2016-2017 FBI investigation. "I wanted to make you lie about me."

But instead of me, he said, "The other president shouldn't be doing this," and said, "The heroes of Flynn and the campers who never made false statements about themselves."

"Those who have done this have to go to jail and have to pay for it," said Trump.

The Ministry of Justice recently met with the Russian ambassador to the United States and said it was inadequate for a previous FBI investigation of Flynn, accused of falsely alleging that the Obama administration was debating Russia's sanctions against Russia.

Shortly before his inauguration, President Trump also demanded that Obama administration officials disclose the identity of the person mentioned in a confidential report relating to the Russian scandal.

President Trump insisted that Obama and Biden knew everything, saying that this was what Obama and Biden did.

President Trump said, “We had a lot of great meetings in response to Corona 19,” and said, “There has been tremendous progress in a number of areas, including offering a cure for this terrible epidemic.”

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