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Trump received a wonderful letter from Kim Jung Eun
최고관리자 19-01-03 03:37

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  I'll meet you, but I will not hurry.

More sanctions against North Korea

 If you help me economically, give up nuclear weapons?

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 President Donald Trump said he received a letter from Kim Jong Eun on
the 1st and boasted that he was a wonderful letter.

 Then Kim Jung Eun would meet him, but he did not need to rush.

 Trump said Kim Jong - un is willing to support him economically and
said North Korea needs to help it because it needs money.

 Trump's anxieties worried that it would seem that if a fox starving
was thrown out to eat, he would give up his nuclear tooth.

 In this letter, Kim Jong Eun did not promise to put down nuclear
weapons such as ballistic missiles, and he talked about

 He insisted that all countries with nuclear weapons should drop them
from the United States.

 They insisted that they had to enter into an old agreement and that
the USFK should withdraw and not enter any military equipment that
enters Korea.

 The governor of Moon Jae-in was told not to be interfered by foreign powers.

 Kim Jong Eun 's New Year' s Day showed the impatient attitude of
Oman, who rebuked the United States with a nuclear - armed nation,

 If North Korea does not listen to Kim Jong-un and strengthens
sanctions against North Korea, North Korea threatens to pursue other
laws, and threatens to intensify nuclear tests and nuclear weapons
production if they do.

 It was pointed out that Trump was caught in Kim Jong - eun 's time of
denuclearization and economic support policy.

 Many people who want to be beheaded by Kim Jong-un's military are
disappointed by the fragility of President Trump that he will meet
with Kim Jung Eun.

 Kim Jung Eun worries about getting used to farming time

 Yankeetimes NewyorkTV 1/2/19

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