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US Senate Reveals Trump Impeachment Democratic Investigation
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Republican Representatives Protest Against

 Hearing Chairman

White House Dedicated Teams

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by Richard Ahn /yankeetimes  Pubulisher

Republicans and the White House have fought to fight the "impeachment
investigation" of Democratic President Donald Trump.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham on Monday issued a resolution
condemning the Democratic House of Representatives to investigate the
"secret and illegal impeachment."

 Sen. Mitch McConnell, the Senate representative, has given full
support and was named the Graham-Maconal resolution.

The resolution urged the Democratic House of Representatives "to the
President that Trump does not recognize the basic fairness and due
process imposed on everyone," and urged a vote to decide whether to
launch a formal impeachment investigation.

Senator Graham said in a press conference: "The purpose of this
resolution is to inform the House that the proceedings are involved in
the impeachment of Trump's impeachment." In this regard, the House of
Representatives is a very different deviation from what it did in the
past. "

The White House also sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on
August 8 about embarking on an impeachment investigation without a
vote. "You have planned and conducted the investigation in a manner
that violates basic fairness and constitutional procedures." Denied.

Republican lawmakers stopped the impeachment hearing against
President Trump the day before.

 Laura Cooper was deputy assistant secretary of state, Russian,
Ukrainian and Eurasian ambassador to the State Department on Tuesday
(23), but was unable to enter the hearing as Trump's secret testimony
of the Ukrainian scandal.

When he arrived at Parliament, 24 lawmakers, including Senator Steve
Scalis, two members of the Republican House, were in front of the

They held a press conference in front of the hearing chairman, and
the Democratic Party, alternating with the impeachment testimony, was
unilaterally dragging the impeachment investigation.

As it was private, he held the hearing chairman for nearly four
hours, refusing to return the phone, even though he could not carry it
with him.

The White House also has set up a dedicated message team to respond
more systematically to the Democratic impeachment investigation.

But Democrat Pelosi dismissed the White House's claim of pro and
consensus early, saying that "the constitution, the rules of the House
of Representatives, and the liturgy do not require the entire House to
vote before proceeding with impeachment."

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